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IC and crystal are closely related

IC And Crystal Are Closely Related


Crystal is a very accurate clock source, which is widely used in digital circuits, microcontrollers and embedded systems.


Crystals can provide accurate clock signals required by electronic devices to determine the sampling time and timing control of the signal. Because modern electronic devices usually need high -precision clock signals to perform data synchronization and timing control, the application of crystal is widely used. In some systems that need to be synchronized with clocks, such as serial communication protocols, etc., crystals need to be used to provide accurate clock signals near the chip to ensure that the equipment work is normal.


In addition, the size of the crystal becomes smaller and the working voltage gradually decreases, making it more and more likely to be integrated inside the chip. Therefore, modern chips often integrate crystal circuits inside the chip.


When IC runs, when various micro-components work, it must be divided into order. Both crystal and ICs are connected through the PCB board copper wire. PCB is like a road. The car is running current or voltage, and the traffic lights are safe and safe. The function of the traffic lights is like crystal. Why is there always a crystal figure next to the IC? It is because the crystal is allocated to allocate the time distribution of the work order of each component, so that IC work normally.


So, a crystal oscillator is like a ‘pacemaker’, it generates a fixed frequency of electronic pulses, which are provided to the chip to run at this rhythm.


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