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–Management Philosophy–

Fronter pursues the happiness of society through the continued development and growth of our corporate activities.

Code of Conduct

  1. Give top priority to contributing to society through activities based on our gratitude for our customers.
  2. Respond to rapid changes in market needs, Fronter is innovating new technologies and pursuing the world’s best and unique technologies.
  3. Achieves customer satisfaction in terms of delivery quality and delivery date as well as work safety, while building a relationship of mutual trust based on our gratitude for our customers.
  4. Aims to take good care of the people and environment around us, protects the irreplaceable global environment, so that we can pass it on to future generations while advancing together with society.

Basic policy

  • Pursue the highest quality

    From material selection to machine fabrication, with serious considerations which never compromise, we pursue machines that make customers fully satisfied. We have established the company’s quality policy and we are united to fulfill the highest quality.

  • Pursue the market needs

    Never be content with the current situation of our jobs, but instead always pay attention to new needs of the market. We aim to be the leading company for glass/ metal surface treatment equipment through enthusiastic sales activities.

  • Pursue the shortest delivery time

    To fulfill the shortest delivery time, we put together our entire resources (designers of machinery/ electricity and engineers engaging in fabrication) so that from design to fabrication all steps are connected as a coherent specialized work.

  • Factory Automation by AI technology

    We realize digitalized qualitative operation by combining FA & AI with operation skills relying on experiences or intuitions. We find signs of troubles early by analyzing big data from the machines so that risks of production suspension can be reduced.

  • Pursue to become an environmentally friendly company

    We treasure our precious resources and environment, hence we are doing our best to design safe as well as environmentally friendly machines so that the irreplaceable global environment can be passed down to the next generation.

  • As a global enterprise

    Business activities in the global market demand attention to not only Japan’s regulations but also global standards and rules. With wide perspective, we strive to be a global enterprise with nationwide competitiveness.

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