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IC and crystal are closely related

IC和晶振密切相关 Crystal is a very accurate clock source, which is widely used in digital circuits, microcontrollers and embedded systems. 晶振是一种精度极高的时钟源,它在数字电路、微控制器和嵌入式系统中被广泛使用。 Crystals can provide accurate clock signals required by electronic devices to determine the sampling time and timing control of the…

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Holiday Notice!

Dear customers and friends: 尊敬的客户朋友们: "The cold leaves the winter snow, and the warmth brings the spring breeze." The Spring Festival of 2024 is approaching. Looking back on the warm and progressive 2023, all employees of Fronter Electronics would first…

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Spring Outing

  I wonder, and wonder, the east wind comes. The spring is coming! On 11st March, Fronter Electronics organized a spring outing activity. Employees had chit-chat and played games on the grass, the atmosphere was quite relaxed and pleasant.   盼望着,盼望着,东风来了,春天的脚步近了。 3月11日,我司组织了一场员工户外春游活动。…

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