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Know with you: the requirements of smart wearable products on crystal oscillating

Know With You: The Requirements Of Smart Wearable Products On Crystal Oscillating

What kind of crystals do they use in the intelligent wearable industry, so what are these watches with special functions? What are the characteristics of ordinary crystals used for these technology intelligent products? Today, I will take you to learn about it:


Special crystal of materials:


The crystal it uses must be quartz, or ceramics, or a crystal with special functions, such as high -temperature patch crystals, maintaining a very stable quartz crystal, as well as stable -frequently, source crystals, of course, temperature supplement Crystal vibration, constant temperature crystal. Because their materials are special, they are used for smart watches and many functions of watching watches, and these crystals and other accessories of smart watches blend with each other, making intelligence more prominent.


Crystal with a stable frequency:


The general frequency of the crystal of intelligent wearable products is generally 32.768Hz. Some smart watches should be lower than this frequency, so ordinary crystals cannot meet this demand. Of course, in order to save costs, some manufacturers use ordinary cheap crystals, so the life of these smart products is generally low. Of course, you may think why the frequency of the precision crystal of smart products is 32.768Hz, because the output swing is controlled directly compatible with the XTAL output swing. It can support power supply equipment such as lithium battery and supercapacitors, without additional load capacitors. Inside contains the LDO circuit, there is no need to coupled capacitors.


Corporation with stable capacitance:


The crystal has two feet. They are the responsibilities of carrying the capacitance. Generally, the meaning of the load capacitor means that the same capacitance must be installed to achieve the design oscillating frequency. Large, the greater the chance of being affected, and the temperature and electromagnetic interference will affect the oscillation frequency. If external capacitors are not installed as required, the oscillating frequency will increase. Due to the large volume of the two series, the chance of being disturbed is also high.


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